​​What is a Postpartum Doula?

Postpartum Doula Services

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​A postpartum doula, also known as a baby nurse or night nanny, is a trained and experienced professional who provides emotional and educational support to the mom, baby and entire family during the postpartum period - also called the fourth trimester.  A doula assists with postpartum wellness, breastfeeding techniques and newborn education, while also helping with the transition by assisting with laundry, light housework, nursery setup, and caring for the newborn overnight to allow new parents get the
​rest they need. 

​A postpartum doula will educate, empower and care for the mom, partner, and home, providing support in the days, weeks and months after a baby arrives. Benefits of a postpartum doula include empowering the family, reducing the incidence of postpartum depression, and providing newborn education. 

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​​How does a Doula nurture the parents into their new role?

Postpartum  Doula Support