Beth was an absolute godsend to my wife and I afer the birth of our twins. There are not words to capture how much Beth meant to our family and what a positive  impact she had on our home. We give Beth the highest recommendation possible and would be happy to speak to anyone considering hiring her.

Tara B.-

I had absolutely no idea what lack of sleep twins bring vs. a single would bring.  I refused on getting help the first few weeks but my husband insisted. I, for once  in my life, will admit that he was right.  Beth and Jen are two of the most amazing women with newborns. Thanks for being so great with our babies and helping me get a great nights sleep for my sanity.

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Postpartum Doula Services

Serving Bucks County, Montgomery County and the Greater Philadelphia Area

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Loving Hands Doulas

We are so incredibly ​grateful to all the families that have trusted us to support them.

This is what our clients are saying about us....


I literally can't thank Beth, Jen and Carol enough.  They are the magic baby ladies!  We couldn't be happier that they were part of our team and got us through the tough part.  Much love and appreciation to you all!


Jen was exactly what we needed at a very complicated time(my husband referred to her as "The Angel"). Ultimately, we  felt comfortable leaving our kids with Jen and would highly recommend her to others.

Tara K.-

We don't usually have non-family babysitters or other help in our house, so I was a bit skeptical of the doula concept.  We received a few referrals for potenetial Doulas, but when I spoke to Jen and met her in person I knew she was the best fit for our family.

Jen is such a capable doula and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to others.


Beth is one of the most nurturing, capable,caring individuals that my family and I have encountered in our lives.  Her presence at our home was a great comfort to me.  Any family would be so lucky to have her unmatched kind of help.

Kim and Josh-

Carol has become a wise motherly fiqure for us, providing endless information and help. Put plain and simple; something we could never obtain from a book!